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Another Thought on Vape Pens

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Having opted out of its basic responsibility under 21CFR, and hurting under well-deserved criticism, the agency in November 2018 decided to close the gate after the horse bolted. Vape product sales are banned at most convenience stores. The reasoning is: too many kids smoke; vaping is a way that kids are either getting or staying addicted to tobacco; most kids get their products at convenience stores; therefore this will shut our critics down for a few minutes.

Let's not examine this logical train. It was never on the track in the first place. The agency didn't rule that cigarettes may not be sold at convenience stores, or that vape pens are an unregulated drug delivery device, or that online and other store sales be similarly limited.

There are lots of good perspective pieces - by experts - on the upside and downside of electronic cigarettes. Here's a great one. My interest at this time is in the changing way regulatory law is being applied, and what will happen in response - to science, to the pharma industry, and to human health.

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