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I'm a serial entrepreneur with a background in science and tech. My passion is working with entrepreneurs seeking to grow, or transition their companies. I find opportunities for value creation and enhancement, new efficiency, and new revenue.

I'm a business advisor, strategist, coach - I don't tell you on how to structure your business, I work with you to create a business that works for you.  You'll develop your business as a system that works by itself, so you can be the forward-looking entrepreneur.   

Everything we will do together is customized to your need and to your company - where you are in the business life cycle.  And your investment will pay for itself - guaranteed.  


I founded, grew, and sold several companies; most recently a contract research laboratory called Averica Discovery.  For years I've worked with with business owners, team builders, and entrepreneurs.  Now I do it full time: I find ways to optimize revenue and efficiency, and I find my clients more time in their days. 


I think businesses are systems that are linked inextricably with their founders, their leaders, their passionate owners and operators.  My passion is working with both the business and its people as a unit, and finding ways to grow value.


  • Led Pfizer's chromatography and mass spectrometry resources (1990s).  Analytical development roles with Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Sepracor; consulting roles with multiple companies

  • Developed disruptive and influential technologies including open access mass spectrometry, open access LC/MS, MS-directed automated compound purification, microsampling valves, supercritical fluid chromatography fraction collection systems

  • PhD Organic Chemistry, 35+ academic publications, frequent speaker


  • Co-founder Research Operations Group (2000).  Developed positioning and business plans for new operations, including Piedmont Triad Research Park (Winston-Salem NC)

  • Founder Averica Discovery Services (2007). Led company for 11 years at CAGR 22%.  Sold Averica in 2016 to Neopharm Labs (Montreal)

  • Consultant/mentor to entrepreneurs in small to medium scientific services companies.  Passionate about helping leaders in transition - fundraising, sales/marketing development, preparation for leadership change or M&A actions

  • Speaker on entrepreneurship 

  • Certified FocalPoint Business coach (



Contact me to discuss your business growth plans.  There is no cost for an initial phone call or meeting.  I'm always interested in learning about your company!


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